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Unfortunately it looks like you need a Juvenile Defense Lawyer. Being the parent of a child who is even momentarily in trouble with the law in Massachusetts isn’t easy. Uneasy questions come up such as how does the juvenile process work, what will be the punishment, and will my child have a permanent record. The Juvenile Court Department is a statewide court with jurisdiction over civil and criminal matters and not all legal minors are treated as juveniles in the court system. Even though the minor is charged with breaking the law, the proceedings are typically far different from what happens in adult court, so hiring an experience Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorney  is crucial for success.

Depending on the offence, juvenile courts typically have a variety of punishments that may be imposed on the minor. These range from verbal warnings to placement in juvenile detention facilities. A major concern for parents is that juvenile court records will follow their children for life impacting the future of employment, education, and other opportunities. Fortunately for many youthful offenders, there are procedures by which juveniles can have their records sealed or expunged and therefore keeping them inaccessible to others for most purposes.

At the Law Office of James P. Dillon, Jr., a parent will find a lawyer with juvenile justice experience and help you avoid the confusion you may receive with public defenders. A child should have the chance to start life without a criminal record and without spending months or years in a secured facility. A parent should hire a lawyer with juvenile experience because a minor who gets in trouble with the law has a statistically greater chance of reforming and not becoming a lifelong criminal. An investment in an aggressive and effective lawyer may be as important as an investment in education.

The Law Office of James P. Dillon, Jr. will treat your child’s case with sensitivity while diligently pursuing the most effective defense strategy. We have the experience and the ability to communicate with young clients and parents about the difficult situation your child is in and how the system works. Call us, your best option for a  Juvenile Defense Lawyer today for a free case review and let us help you get your child’s life back on track.

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