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An Assault and Battery charge in Massachusetts can have very serious consequences. Assault is the threat or intent to inflict physical harm on a person. Battery is the actual act of inflicting harm. You may be facing these charges due to a number of different circumstances such as a heated argument, road rage incident, or domestic dispute. People are also often charged with Assault and Battery while defending themselves in these types of situations. Whatever the case may be, you will need an experienced assault lawyer who can defend you.

Depending on the severity of the allegations and injuries involved, many prosecutors often seek significant jail time. Individuals accused of Assault and Battery charges may also be burdened by Restraining Orders and may be at risk for civil lawsuits. With so much riding on the line, you can not afford to jeopardize your future by taking a chance with an inexperienced assault lawyer. The Law Office of James P. Dillon, Jr. can start building your perfect defense today, utilizing his over 30 years of criminal defense work.

Every Assault and Battery charge is unique and depends on the facts of the assault. A full understanding of the details of your case enables us to provide you with experienced advice on the proper defense strategy with the highest probability of success. We will immediately let you know what you are facing and investigate the validity of the charges being brought against you. With our stellar reputation, we’re not afraid to take your case to trial and aggressively defend you against any assault claims.

If you are facing Assault and Battery charges, contact the Law Office of James P. Dillon, Jr. for a free consultation and a full review of your case. We defend clients charged with assault regardless of the severity or complexity of the facts and we will not stop until your justice has been served.

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