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Attorney James P. Dillon, Jr.

The Law Office of James P. Dillon, Jr. has a proven track record of solving complex criminal and business legal problems. For 30 years, Criminal Law Attorney Jim Dillon has consistently addressed the unique needs of each and every client. The best measure of his success continues to be the loyalty of his clients, year after year. 

About Jim

James P. Dillon, Jr., followed in his father’s footsteps when he chose to become a lawyer. After three decades in practice, still to this day he revels in the challenge and complexity of criminal law. Ensuring a person’s rights are protected is a privilege granted by the government of this country. These rights and laws set us apart from the rest of the world and Attorney Dillon stands up to the challenge of defending those who need protection.

Anyone to meet him quickly realizes Attorney Dillon is confident yet approachable and assuredly competent. His demeanor is kind, his compassion is genuine, and his results are proven.

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Over 30 Years of Experience in the Court

Our expertise is being prepared to solve each and every legal challenge.


Complex Legal Matters

When you’re dealing with a complicated legal matter, you must be able to trust that your attorney will work on your behalf to attain the best possible resolution.

At The Law Office of James P. Dillon, Jr., the highest level of service is what we practice each and every day. We’re committed to delivering solutions that ensure calculated, sound decisions aimed at our client's goals. We handle matters in many areas of law including, Assault, Car Accident, Juvenile Defense, OUI, Family Law, Criminal Law, Business Law, and Estate Planning. Our outstanding reputation combined with our long-standing relationships makes the difference for our clients.


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